Ocea's Deep Sweep

Swimming Pool Cleaner

Suitable For Residential and Commercial Pools

Ocea UK are proud to bring to the market this Next Generation AI Cordless Pool Cleaner. The cleaner is completely Cordless so has no cable and no caddy and is completely rechargeable. Using i-Mapping Technology to efficiently clean pools of any shape. Not only is it suitable for all pool finishes it can climb vertical surfaces, even Perspex. The built in AI and Freedrive technology means it will avoid obstacles and can navigate the pool floor, walls and waterline accurately and efficiently.

The cleaner stands out from its predecessors and others on the market, everything from its sleek design to its ability to clean the pool with precision, this cleaner has been very well received by all that have been lucky enough to see it in action. Our lives are so busy now and this technology has been adapted to work in line with that. You get maximum clean time for very little charge time, you can pre-program the cleaner to clean at various intervals and it is safe to leave in the pool while swimming. You can rely on it to perform and it eliminates all the hassle that comes with corded and lower endurance models. It is stocked in the UK and is sold through our trusted network of dealers, you will not find this online!

Technical Specifications

  • Avoids obstacles using built in AI
  • Charging time from 2-5hrs
  • Long battery life from 3-8hours
  • Choice of pre-programmed cleaning times– 30mins, 1 hour and 2 hour
  • Auto-clean every 24,48 or 72 hours for up to 5 days or more*
  • Timer-delay function
  • Can be managed via the App, to offer a higher degree of cleaning options tailored to you
  • Navigates using i-Mapping and Freedrive technology
  • Comes with a hook for easy removal from the water
  • Magnetic basket collects leaves and small debris
  • Pool size is not restricted by cable length, its cordless
  • Filter capacity 3.2L
  • Can be set to clean floor only or floor/walls and waterline
  • Travels at 12m/min

*Dependant on pool size, mode and battery capacity of model

Contact Ocea UK or your usual swimming pool maintenance team to book a try before you buy – we promise you won’t want to part with it!

You can view the Inver X brochure here. 



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