Luxury one-piece swimming pools by Starline

The Product

Starline’s beautifully sleek, one-piece pools have the luxurious feel of a yacht and are designed and manufactured in Holland.  The attention to detail from the minute the order is placed to the final install is second to none. If you are looking for the ultimate leisure and wellness experience at home, then take a look at Starline.

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Starline Monoblock Swimming Pools

Nova Line

Minimalistic design with sleek lines. High waterline directly below the coping stones.

  • Minimalistic design
  • High waterline
  • Various corner steps
  • Length: 6m to 12m

Infinity Line

Sleek design with a great mirror effect. Overflowing waterline coming right up to the coping stones.

  • Sleek design
  • Infinity pool
  • Entrance steps
  • Length: 8m to 12m

Essential Line

Timeless design with a classical tint. Straight steps with a starting block in the middle.

  • Timeless rectangular design
  • Safety rim and standing ledge
  • Wide entrance steps
  • Length: 8m to 10m

Essential Xcite Line

The essential Xcite Line has a timeless character and goes hand in hand with every garden design.

  • Integrated Lounge Plateau
  • High water line
  • Wide walk-in stairs
  • Length: 10.75m to 9.75m

Dynamic Line

Solid design with a magnificent look. Fitted with a safety rim and standing ledge.

  • Family pool
  • Safety rim and standing ledge
  • Various corner steps
  • Length: 11m

Urban Active

Compact and functional design to escape the busy city life.

  • Fits perfectly in a city garden
  • Starline Endless Swimming
  • Various walk-in steps poolside
  • Length: 4.5m

City Line

Compact design for a modest garden. Maximum swimming fun in minimal space.


Classic Line

Rural design with a Mediterranean tint. Semi-round steps with a starting block in the middle.

  • Elegant Mediterranean design
  • Safety rim and standing ledge
  • Curved entrance steps
  • Length: 8m to 10m


Compact design for the modest garden. Maximum swimming pleasure at minimal space.

  • Make the most of space
  • Safety edge and stand-edge
  • Depth of 140cm
  • Length: 7m